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About Nadezhda Nedeva - Nadia

Nadia draws her inspiration from her love with poetry. As it is in the poems, the paintings are asking and answering questions, gathering and comparing different motives, describing either the secretive world of fantasy and dreams, or her admiration of pure nature.

Nadia Nedeva started attending art lessons at a very young age being encouraged by her mother, and the inspired tutelage of numerous established and well-known Bulgarian artists from Varna and Sofia. She is proud to have practiced in the classes of names like Sv. Nenov, R. Murzov, K. Berbenkov, J. Denev, K. Kuzmanov, Troya Shulga, Al. Stanev, Buyan Filchev, B. Vuleva, etc.

The author's artwork has developed from an illustrative style which Nadia Nedeva adopted as a fashion designer drawing figures and models.

While doing her BA in the University of Sofia Nadia widened her horizons by developing skills in drawing, printmaking and also working with wide range of materials from watercolours and pastels to freely exploring the oil paints and acrylics. She went through the academical, working quite realistically from portraits, life drawing, still life, and landscape.

After she graduated from University in Bulgaria Nadia enjoyed exploring the absolute abstract too. She continued developing her art identity in the supportive atmosphere of Kensington and Chelsea College while doing HNC (Higher National Certificate) Professional Development in Painting.

Nadia enjoys working as both traditional and abstract painter. She has lately become more aware of the use of colour combined with the symbolic appearance of objects and shapes.

Over the years she has exhibited in many galleries in her native town Varna, in Sofia, and the last six years in London, where she lives. Nadia is very well accepted and her work is in many private collections, both in Bulgaria and UK.

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