Nadezhda Nedeva

Nadia's Artwork

Nadia is experimenting with variety of techniques from skilfully controlled brushwork to bold palette knife application. Her paintings are a unique blend achieved by combining acrylic, mixed media and often a range of unusual materials too. Mixing materials allows her to use a strong palette or a more subtle treatment of the subject matter both in her spontaneous style. Nadia Nedeva believes that experience and knowledge about art - its techniques, materials and history, gives the author the ability to express his/her own ideas, both professionally and passionately.

The paintings are 100% authentic original work, painted, signed and titled by Nadezhda Nedeva. The author also delights in smaller scale vibrantly coloured semi-abstract paintings. The work is varnished with high quality acrylic varnish to intensify the colours, protect the painting, and to ensure longevity. The acrylics are on ready stretched canvas (staple free, painted sides), ready to be hanged on the wall. No frame needed. Cleaning textured artwork is best achieved with a clean, soft household paintbrush using gentle strokes to remove dust and dirt.


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